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“This is honestly some form of torture I think they used in the Middle Ages.”

While you might confuse this for a conversation overheard in the London Dungeon, it’s actually the bi-product of a man (rather begrudgingly) trying out waist training – the new fitness craze endorsed by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan.

Waist-training corsets are designed to emphasise body shape by creating an hourglass figure.

Despite many doctors and specialists shunning usage of the garment, many are still jumping on the itty-bitty-waist bandwagon.

Except these guys.

After being forced into the $79 training corsets, responses range from concern: “Do you have, like, a knife or something in case you need to cut me out of this?”

To the inability to feel body parts: “Is it weird that I’m not feeling my knees right now?”

We reckon they’ll steer clear of corsets from now on…

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